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[MINI OUTING] series no.5 Showa Memorial Park Visit Report

Date Tuesday, 9 April 2019
Venue Tachikawa City, Tokyo

9 April was a perfect spring day to organize the outing to Showa Memorial Park. 9 participants (4 Dutch including Mrs. Sari Roels, our Dutch Representative Governor, and 5 Japanese) gathered at NishiTachikawa station and then strolled in the park with 2 volunteer guides. We viewed the Tulip Garden which had been reconstructed based on the design by Mr. Foster, former head of Kuekenhof in the Netherlands. It was beautifully decorated with the varieties of tulips which had just reached to full bloom. The peak bloom of cherry trees attracted us everywhere we stopped. Everyone cheered and thanked for this unexpected opportunity. The guides also took us to the Japanese Garden to see an old Japanese style building called “Sukiyazukuri” and many aged bonsai. Lastly, we got a park train to the point nearby the lunch place and then left Tachikawa station at 2:30. The park was established to mark the 50th anniversary of the Showa Emperor’s reign. It was worked out with great care and has been well maintained. Participants were able to deepen friendly relationship while enjoying rich nature. 

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